Getting A Properly Written Sample Of A College Essay

Academic writing is a complex engagement that involved a lot of rules. These rules are often confusing because they touch on every aspect of writing. There are rules on the choice of topic, the crafting the introduction, citation, formatting, referencing, cover page and many other elements in writing. This is why experts in essay writing advocate for the use of samples.

Samples are papers that have already been worked out. This means that the rules have already been implemented. A sample will provide a reference point for your research paper. You can imitate how the topic is crafted, the drafting on introduction, structure of the body and citation, among other elements of writing. The challenge with samples is where to get a quality example that does not mislead or compromise on the quality of your work. Here are excellent sources of high quality and reliable examples.

  • From your tutor- request your tutor to provide a sample of the paper you are expected to produce. This is the most reliable sources because teacher will never mislead their students. Further, the teachers understand your areas of weakness and strength. He will provide guidance on how to use the sample effectively.
  • Library-institutions and departments set up libraries to provide resources to students and faculty. Essay samples from the library are also more reliable because of the thoroughly vetting process involved in choosing books and materials for placement in the library. The library also contains the largest collection and variety of reference materials. You are guaranteed to get any sample you are looking for.
  • Writing services- there are writing services operating online and offering excellent reference materials for students. This includes argumentative essay examples with the opportunity to customize one for you. The samples can be requested 24/7/365, making it easy for you to complete your paper. Countercheck the sample with your teacher to avoid landing a misleading sample that compromises your work.
  • Seniors-seniors have already undertaken the course you are pursuing. They understand the challenges students go through when writing academic papers. They will therefore willingly provide the samples they used and even offer more tips on how to write an essay fast. They do not charge for providing guidance.

While you can obtain the best samples from different sources, the most important bit is to use them well. Samples are meant to guide you in the writing process and not to be copied. Here are rules that govern the use of samples to make your writing captivating.

Get a Variety of Samples

There are different elements of writing where you would need assistance. It could be in choosing argumentative essay topics, crafting objectives for your paper, defining the structure and citations, among other elements of writing. It is difficult to find a sample that captures all the elements. You might need a sample for each area.


Discuss the sample you are using with your tutor before using it. This ensures that it adheres to all writing instructions. The teacher will also guide you on unique instructions that are not captured in the sample. It is obvious that samples come in different essay topics compared to your assignment. This means that you need to accommodate these unique instructions in your writing.

Each paper is unique and not sample can capture all the assistance you need. However, writing services offer customized samples on request. Provide instructions to these professional writers and your sample will be generated in an instance.