How To Write An Impeccable Essay Using The APA Format

I have been in that situation whereby a teacher comes to class and ask you to write an essay in APA format. You then ask yourself what the heck is APA format sine this is the first time that you are coming across such a word. When you try asking your classmates they are clueless too. When you try Google the answers you get are so vague that they cannot even help you to come up with a tangible essay. It is at this moment that you may even consider quitting school. If you are such a student, then today is your lucky day since we are going to explain how to write custom essays using the APA format.

Basic requirements

The font that is used in APA essay format is normally the New Times Roman 12. However in other styles, you may be allowed to use different fonts such as a serif. If you have no idea of where to adjust the font on the laptop, look at the upper right side of your computer a place that is written Calibri body and it is there that you can adjust it.

The spacing should be double and if you want to make this change then you can use the following steps. Press ctrl A to highlight your text. Then tap on the home icon then look for the line and paragraph spacing symbol. Remember to click on remove space after your paragraph.

How to format essays

  • Title page
  • It contains your details such as the name, registration number, the unit code, unit name, the title of the essay and finally the supervisor’s name. To write a perfect APA essay cover page, ensure that you countercheck with your supervisor on the preferred format.

  • The abstract
  • It is a short summary of what you are going to write about. An abstract should have the introduction, body and conclusion. Make sure that you adhere to the given word limit to avoid penalization. As much as it comes first, an abstract is usually written last.

  • Introduction
  • There are only three things that you should know before writing your introduction. It should be able to serve as a hook, it should give the reader a preview of what to expect and finally, the last line holds a thesis statement.

  • The body
  • In this section, you ought to have read essay in APA format example for you to succeed. Ensure that you have read the question well and know what it requires of you. Each idea stands on its own paragraph for clarity purposes. Also vary your paragraphs for your work to look neat. Describe every point in details if at all you want to score a lot of marks in this part.

  • Conclusion
  • There are three ways that you can conclude your paper using the APA essay format. You can give all your ideas in a nutshell, you can emphasize on the main point or rather, you can give a call of action or what measures should be taken to solve a particular phenomenon. It should be brief. In case you borrowed some information from someone else’s piece of work, do not forget to mention the source using the essay APA citation format.